Resellers in Australia

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
AquionMorgan Leong+61 2 8036 8000
ComponentSource 1 800 0 15292

Resellers in Austria

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Compuwave GmbHMarcus Denner+49 89 231 4142 0
ComponentSource0800 281 750
SSP HandelsgmbHElisabeth Frömmel+43159733400

Resellers in Brazil

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ComponentSource0800 891 6478
OSB SoftwareMostafa Mansour55 11 4280-6660
L3 Software LrdaFernando Rocha55 11 2598-6805
Targetware Informática ltda.Keyt Comotti55 11 3665-8550
Lantyx Technology Fernanda Lopes55 11 4117-8307

Resellers in Canada

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Softchoice Mohammed Sharieff+1 416 588 9003

Resellers in Chile

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ComponentSource1230 020 6857
TECNOPRINTERFernando Silva56 9 92352319

Resellers in China

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ComponentSource (China north)10800 481 1661
ComponentSource (China south)10800 813 1594
Jianshu Technology Co.,LTDJohh Zhang +86 0571 8620 8605
Shanghai Quweishi Software Co., LtdChen Yuwen +86 021 321 10920
Suzhou Ifuntimes Network Technology Co., LtdAmy Wu+86 18355313061
Beijing Com&Lan Tech. Corp., Ltd.Kelsey Gao+861052818085

Resellers in Czech Republic

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
CS Development, s.r.o.Martin Vlcek+420 234 090 000
ComponentSource800 143 313

Resellers in Europe

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
MS-G S.C.Sergiusz Świeszczak +48 22 487-94-22
ActendoMartin Nagtegaal+31 88 22 83 636

Resellers in Finland

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Moonsoft OyJuha Piispa+358 207 439 500
ComponentSource0800 1 18002

Resellers in Germany

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Compuwave GmbHMarcus Denner+49 89 231 4142 0
Prianto GmbHTimo Winter+49 89 416148234
ComponentSource0800 186 07 06

Resellers in Guatemala

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Visión Consultores, S.A.César Ramírez00502 45868109

Resellers in Hungary

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
SysPac Kft.Laszlo Fazekas+36 1 3274525
ComponentSource06800 16674

Resellers in India

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
AMD Infotech (P) Ltd. Kiran Gopikunte +91 80 23101151
A.K.Systems & Softwares Pvt LtdBalachandra.V.Rao+91 984 597 7884
ComponentSource000 800 44 01 455
Micro DistributionVineet Gupta+91 989 115 5375
Vam TechsolVijay Kumar M+91 990 87 95678
Techfruits Solutions Pvt Ltd044-22353837 / 48633837
Syscraft Techologies LLPRakesh Satav/ Pravin Mandlik9860431317
AB&D Software India P LtdJanardhan S+91 96322 27977

Resellers in Israel

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Aztek Technologies Ltd.Natali Brayer+972 8 91 81111 ext. 111
ComponentSource180 924 2003
eBusiness Design LtdIshai Abiri+972 977 40957 ext 102
Softense LTDGalon Orzach+972 072 22030
Software Sources Ltd.Boaz Alpert, Haim Ron (CEO)+972 977 14578

Resellers in Japan

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
B7, Inc. d.b.a. worldsoftSolution Team+81 422 77-6484
ComponentSource120 343 550
WorldsoftSatoshi Minamoto
SoftwareONE Japan K.K. +81 3 5369 0140
Tegara CorporationUnipos Division +81-53-468-2655

Resellers in Malaysia

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Tech Trad Solution Sdn BhdTong Hann Chia(603) 2303 5899

Resellers in Mexico

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
SOLINCO SA DE CVDiana Ramirez+52442130664 /65

Resellers in New Zealand

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Catch SoftwareTanya Beltyukova+64 930 32023
ComponentSource800 449181

Resellers in Poland

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Cezar Sp. z o.o.Grzegorz Witkowski+48 228 872 160
ComponentSource00800 442 1092
DreamsoftGrzegorz Samborski+48 277 630 874
MS-G S.C.Sergiusz Świeszczak +48 22 487-94-22

Resellers in Romania

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Biro Technologies 2000 SRLCristian Dragan+40 021 315 6575

Resellers in Russia

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ComponentSource810 800 2251 1044
Quarta TechnologiesIrina Konina +7 495 234 4018
LLC LeadSoftMartin Shkiperov +7 495 517 2282
SoftMapAleksandr Bakinovsky
SYSSOFT LCCAndrey Filatov+7 495 646 1471
Technoserv ASYuliya Shurak+7(903)676-69-33

Resellers in Singapore

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Acentrix Pte LtdJasper Loh+65 6817 7950

Resellers in South America

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
L3 Software LrdaFernando Rocha+55 11 2598-6805

Resellers in South Korea

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ComponentSource00798 14 800 6332
Inchalbase Co., Ltd.Heeyoung Jeong82.70.7015.8104
KREIS I&CSlyvia Kim
Mwav corpPeter J. Cho82.70.4655.4777
YesinsoftSang Kwak+82 70 5029 3377
Koreansoft Inc JaeWook Shin822-3272-8565

Resellers in Switzerland

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
SparkDynamic GmbH+41 43 501 30 30
ComponentSource800 83 5305
Compuwave GmbHMarcus Denner+49 89 231 4142 0

Resellers in Taiwan

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Cheer Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd.Eric Wang+886-4-2386-3559
ComponentSource+801 814313
NFI Co.Ltd +886225971006
Linksoft Inc.Tania Lin+886-2-2221-2155 EXT.519
AccessSoft Inc.Elsa Lin+886-2-23560269#22
AHA Computer Co., Ltd.Peter Chao+886-2-2749-1909

Resellers in Thailand

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Banglumpoo (Digitown) Co., Ltd.Parinya Wangchoochertgun+66 288 64371
Soft De'but Co.,Ltd.Veerachart Charassirikulchai+66 286 14600
Thaiware Communication Co.,Ltd.Bunyanuch Kamnerdmee+66 818 559 862

Resellers in The Netherlands

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ActendoMartin Nagtegaal+31 88 22 83636
BTSoftware BVAndre van Bezouw+31 40 28 45111
ComponentSource 800 022 8832

Resellers in Turkey

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
ELMER YAZILIM LTD.Mehmet CAN+90 (216) 577 6471

Resellers in Ukraine

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
SoftiCoInna Antonenko+380.44.383.44.10

Resellers in United Arab Emirates

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Alwadiah Trading CO LLCMohammed Awadh+97126767320

Resellers in United Kingdom

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
QBS Software LtdCarmen Munteanu+44 (0)208 7337101

Resellers in United States of America

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
Softchoice Mohammed Sharieff+1 416 588 9002
Trilogy LeasingAnthony Castaldo+1 813-331-0336
Idea Crew Inc.Jack Weiner 1 + (202) 688-3130

Resellers in Worldwide

Company NameContact NameTelephoneEmailWebsite
AquionMorgan Leong+61 2 8036 8000
BTSoftware BVAndre van Bezouw+31 40 28 45111
Catch SoftwareTanya Beltyukova+64 930 32023
Prianto GmbHTimo Winter+6493032023
Compuwave GmbHMarcus Denner+49 89 231 4142 0
SHI International Corp.

Reseller FAQ

How do I become a reseller?

In order to become a registered reseller with Highsoft, please create an account in our web shop.
Send us an email with your account information and we will enable your reseller discount. You will then be able to purchase licenses directly from our website.

Do you offer discounts for resellers?

We offer resellers a 10 % discount on all products listed in our webshop.

Do you provide quotes?

As a registered reseller, you can generate your own quotes for the licenses available from our website, by following these simple steps:
1. Log in to your reseller account.
2. Choose product(s), add the Licensee and "ADD TO QUOTE"
3. Make sure you have the correct product(s), quantity and end user. "REQUEST QUOTE"
4. QUOTE CREATED! You will receive an email confirmation containing a PDF. You can accept the quote and proceed with the purchase directly from the email.

How do I get a quote for an OEM License or a Developer License with more than 10 developers?

Contact us for a quote. Include your reseller account email, the name of your customer and the scope of the license.

How do I purchase the quoted item(s)?

1. Go to the quote confirmation email, or log into your account and go to My Quotes, and click "ACCEPT QUOTE". The quoted items will be added automatically to your shopping cart.
2. Select payment method (credit card or PayPal) and add the PO number (if applicable) in the one-step checkout. "PLACE ORDER NOW"
3. Purchase complete! The license documents and invoice are automatically sent to the registered email.

How do I purchase the license?

1. Log in to purchase with your reseller discount, and choose product
2. Enter your customer's name in the Licensee field
3. Proceed to the one-step checkout, you can choose payment method (credit card or PayPal) and add PO number (if applicable)
4. Purchase complete!
Your client’s order confirmation will be sent to the email address registered with your purchasing account.
The order confirmation includes the License Statement and the invoice, please forward these attachments to your client.
Redirect your customer to download the software.

When purchasing through your website, who shall I assign the license to?

In the field Licensee, state the name of the party who will be using the software (for example your customer's company name).

I have added the license to my cart, but the reseller discount has not been applied?

Make sure you are logged in to your reseller account, and the discount will be applied. If you still cannot see your discount, please contact us and we will ensure you are added to the reseller group which makes you eligible for the reseller discount.

Do I have to create my own account or can I use someone else's?

You can share an account with your team members, however we strongly recommend that you create a personal account to avoid any delays in the purchasing process.
If you do not already hold an account, please register through our website.
Please remember to fill out all required information such as billing address. Let us know when completed, and we will enable the reseller discount and quote generator for your account.

What if I do not have access to my company's purchasing account?

In order to create and receive quotes, you must be logged in to a reseller account.
Your team can share a single account using a generic email, or have individual accounts for each team member.
Please note that we do not save any payment information, and you can set up an account without providing payment information or having purchasing rights.
When you have created your quote, you can forward the email to the person in charge of purchase, and/or to your client.

I cannot add the OEM License to my cart. Where do I locate this license?

Send us an email and include your quote number and we will assist you.
If you have received an electronic quote from us, you can add the license to your cart by accepting the quote from the quote confirmation email.

What kind of support is available for my client?

You may purchase a Highsoft software license with or without Premium Support. Learn more about Premium Support directly from our support page.

Can I pay for the license in any currency?

Purchase of standard priced products is available in USD, GBP, EUR and NOK. Select your currency in the upper right hand corner.

What are my payments options?

We can offer you PayPal or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AmEx) as payment methods.

What are your delivery methods?

There is no physical delivery of the software. The software is available for download from our website. Once the purchase has been completed, your customer is welcome to download.

Do you charge tax?

No, all prices in our web shop are excluding tax. Please note that we do not charge tax to customers outside Norway, and are not to be subjected to taxes in your country. The purchaser cannot withhold any parts of the invoice amounts as payment of taxes. Your company is responsible for paying local taxes in your home country related to the order. The license is not valid unless the license fee is paid in full.

Do you accept POs?

You are welcome to send us your PO, but we do not offer wire transfers or cheque as payment methods. For credit card/PayPal payments, you can enter your PO number in the one-step checkout.

How will my customer get a hold of your software?

Please direct your client to download the software from . There is no license key associated with the software, and no activation is needed.

How do you define a Non-Commercial company?

Please see our Non-Commercial FAQ for information about our Non-Commercial license.

We are registered as a reseller but I cannot find us in the list of your resellers?

We apologize, thanks for letting us know. This list is a work in progress. Please email us the following information, and your name will soon be on our site.
- Company name
- Contact name
- Where do you resell our software
- Location / Country
- Telephone
- Email
- Website

Contact our Sales team or Support team.