Non Commercial Licensing FAQ

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When can I use the non-commercial license?

You can use our software for free under the non-commercial license when you are:

  • A student, university or a public school
  • A non-profit organisation
  • Developing and testing applications using Highcharts/Highstock

Source editing is allowed.

Governmental entities are not covered by the non-commercial license.

What is a commercial website?

A commercial website is a website where the purpose is generating revenue or cash flow of any type, and that isn't under a non-profit organization. So if you're selling a product, selling advertisement, selling a service or just marketing a commercial business, your site is commercial. A company website is also commercial even if it doesn't sell anything, as it's purpose is to front a commercial company.

If I am using the software on a commercial company's intranet, does it require a License

Yes. The Developers License allows you to install and use the software on commercial company's intranet.

Non-commercial redistribution.

You are allowed to distribute a Highsoft software product with non-commercial packages given that you fulfill two conditions:

  • Emphasize to your users that a Highsoft software product is not free for commercial use. You can do this on your download page or when your users activate a Highsoft software product in your application.
  • Provide a link back to this web page in the same location.