Licensing FAQ

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What is the difference between a Single Website license and the Developer type licenses?

The Single Website license applies to traditional websites, while the Developer type licenses (Single dev, 5 dev, 10 dev etc.) also apply to web applications and SaaS projects. If a website either a) provides client specific data by a login or a unique URL, or b) charges a fee for its use, it is regarded a web application and requires a Developer type license.

What is the difference between the Developer type licenses and an OEM license?

The OEM license allows you to install your project result including a Highsoft Product on your client premises. However, if you are setting up websites and intranets as a contract job or hosting web applications for a client as a SaaS you are allowed to do this under the Developer type licenses.

I need a license for an internal website, can I use the Single Website License?

For internal purposes you are not eligible to use the Single Website License. A Developer License is required as intranets holds information that is not universally accessible, and is therefore considered client specific.

What is client specific data?

A project is considered a web application if it provides client specific data or charges for its use. Client specific data is data that is available for a client either by a login or a specific URL. An example of this would be a weather service where your users can create an account and store their location for later use. On the other hand, if your weather service only serves weather data by location and your users need to search for their nearest town, the data is available for all users and it is not considered client specific.

How do you define a developer?

A developer is a person who is working directly or indirectly on a Highsoft software product. This includes frontend developers and designers as well as back end developers working on the chart data and business logic related to serving the chart. Developers working on completely different modules of your application are not included.

If one of our developers leaves, do we have to purchase another developer license for the new one?

No. The developer license applies to the seat, not the individual.

How do you define an installation?

An installation is a software installation in a production environment.

Is this a one time payment?

All our Licenses are perpetual with optional Maintenance and Support from year two. If you have an OEM License the number of installations are not recurring. Independently of time, once you have deployed all your installations you must come back for an upgrade to include more installations.

Can I purchase under custom license terms and conditions?

If you want to add redlines to our License Agreement please contact our sales team. Please note that based on the comprehensiveness additional charge may apply.