Licensing FAQ

What is the difference between the High-five License and the Developer type licenses?

The High-five License is a license offered exclusively to pre-revenue startups or bootstrapped companies. The High-five License grants the rights to use our Software in the same type of projects as the Developer License, but the license applies for up to two developers only, and is valid for one year.

The Developer type grants the rights to use the Software in an unlimited number of websites, web applications and SaaS projects and for Licensee chosen number of developers to work on the source code.

What is the difference between the Developer type licenses and an OEM license?

The Developer License allows for Licensee to use the Software on any web project hosted on Licensee’s own server or servers where you are paying for the usage.

The OEM License allows for Licensee to distribute the Software to end-users’ servers.
Contact us for a quote for the OEM License

I am working on a website as a contract job for my client. Which license is required?

As a contractor you are covered by your customer’s license, and are allowed to work with our software on their behalf. Your customer needs to own the License as the project will be served from their premises, however you can purchase it by entering your customer´s name in the Licensee filed when you are in our checkout.

I want to use your software for a mobile app. Which license will I need?

If you are distributing our software as a native app, the Mobile OEM License is needed. If the app is not native, or a hybrid app, you will be covered by the Developer License. Please contact our sales team, and we will help you find the appropriate license.

What is included in the license?

With any Highsoft software license, you will get a perpetual license for the current version of the purchased software. All licenses include access to the Highcharts Forum, Stack Overflow and 1st line support. Premium Support is offered at an additional fee.

How do you define a developer?

A developer shall mean any person working with the API, source code, and/or making use of our JavaScript libraries in any capacity. This also includes designers and others who make use of our software in the planning, development, production and maintenance phases.

What is a Content Creator?

Anybody that is not a Developer but working with a product that uses our Software through an abstract interface, e.g the Highcharts Editor. Each Single Developer License includes 5 Content Creators. If you require more Content Creators than the license you own would allow, please get in touch with us.

Are you primarily a Content Creator? Highcharts Cloud may be a better fit for you. See comparison here.

If one of our developers leave, do we have to purchase another Developer License for the new developer?

No, the developer license is not personal and applies to the number of seats, not the individual. You need a license for every developer who will be working with the Software, i.e. the Highcharts 5 Developer License allows for up to 5 developers to work on Highcharts. If a sixth developer will be working with our software, you need to purchase an additional seat. However, if one of the current 5 leaves the company, and is replaced, you will be covered by the 5 developer seats.

How do you define an installation?

A customer installation is a distribution of your product to user premises. Installations for purposes of testing, development, and demonstration are not included in the installation count. A customer installation does not include developer rights to our software to end users. If this is needed, please let us know. The number of installations will not expire nor recur annually. For upgrades to more customer installations, please contact us.

Is the license perpetual?

Yes, the license is perpetual for the current major version, including all minor versions. Upon launch of new major version, you can purchase a Version Upgrade to get access to the new version of our software.

Can I purchase under a customized license agreement?

If you wish to make changes to our Standard Terms and Conditions, please contact our sales team for a word version of our license agreement on [email protected] Note that based on the extent of your amendments, an additional fee will apply.

I completed a purchase through your website, but I have not received your Software.

The software is available for download from our website. There is no mandatory license key associated with the software, and no activation is needed. The License is solely a legal document and consists of two parts: The Terms and Conditions and the License Statement. These documents are attached to the order confirmation email you received after the completion of your purchase.

Is it possible to upgrade my license?

Yes, you may upgrade your license to include:
- more developers
- another software product developed by Highsoft
- more on-premise installations (applicable only to existing OEM Licenses)

Contact our sales team for a quote

Is it possible to get a demo or trial of your Software before purchasing?

You may test our software freely as our source code is available for download and there is no license key associated with the software. Go to www.highcharts.com for download. Once you go live with your product, a commercial license is needed.

Can I send you an NDA?

Yes. Please send us an email with your NDA to [email protected]

We purchased a license a while ago, but don´t know which license we acquired. What do we do?

Contact us and we will find the license for you. Please provide as much information as possible associated with the purchase. i.e. order number, invoice number, License Statement, date of purchase, licensee company or person, payer email, case number, etc.

Do you offer any discount for startups?

We are keen on cooperating with startups. Please contact our sales team with a short description of your project and licensing needs.

Where can I find my License ID?

You can find your License ID in the License Statement. The License Statement is issued in the order confirmation email received upon purchase of your license. Use the License ID to identify your license upon contacting us. You will also need it if you want to purchase a Version Upgrade in order to get access to a new major version.

What is Highcharts' compliance with security standards or practices?

Highcharts is primarily a client side JavaScript library, so the core is not prone to web server security issues. It has been scanned with the Checkmarx security software and checked for XSS vulnerabilities.

Extending the basic JavaScript library, Highcharts in some cases also may refer to files on other web servers, or send chart configuration across the web. Such instances, and how to deal with them, are covered in our General Documentation.

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Support FAQ

What kind of support is included in the license?

See our Support page for a detailed overview.

Is Premium Support optional?

Yes. You may purchase a Highsoft software license with or without Premium Support.

How long is the Premium Support term?

The Premium Support term is valid for 12 months, and is independent of software version.

Is Premium Support automatically renewed each year?

No, upon expiration of your Premium Support term, you will get the option to renew for another 12 months. You can also purchase Premium Support with your Version Upgrade.

What do I get from purchasing Premium Support?

With Premium Support, you get better turnaround time on support issues and 10 hours of support per developer. For a full overview of the advantages of purchasing Premium Support, see our Support page.

Can I buy a 10 Developers License of Highcharts, but only upgrade the license for 5 Developers?

No. Since Version Upgrades include software maintenance and right to use the new major version for your existing license, the number of developer seats in the Version Upgrade must match the number of developers in your initial license.

Where can I find my Support Key?

Your support key can be found on your License Statement. The License Statement is issued upon completion of the purchase. The Support Key is used to identify your license and support level upon contacting our Support Team.

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Purchasing FAQ

What are my payment options?

You are welcome to purchase by credit card or through PayPal. Note that all purchases must be completed through our website.

What kind of credit card do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa, JCB and American Express. You can also purchase with PayPal, which accepts any credit card.

I am having problems purchasing with my credit card?

Your payment may have been rejected by your card issuer. Please contact your card issuer to resolve this.

I am having problems purchasing with PayPal

PayPal allows you to pay with any Credit Card without giving financial details. If you are having problems purchasing with PayPal, please contact the PayPal Help Centre.

I cannot purchase with credit card or PayPal

We collaborate with resellers from all over the world, who will be happy to assist you in a software purchase from Highsoft. You can also contact our sales team and we will assist you.

Does your License Fee include tax?

No, all prices in our web shop are excluding tax. Please note that we do not charge tax to customers outside Norway, and are not to be subjected to taxes in your country. The purchaser cannot withhold any parts of the invoice amounts as payment of taxes. Your company is responsible for paying local taxes in your home country related to the order. The license is not valid unless the license fee is paid in full.

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Non-Commercial FAQ

When can I use the Non-commercial License?

The Non-commercial License is offered for:
- governmentally funded schools
- universities,
- non-profit organizations
- students, or
- individuals using the Software for personal use, testing and demonstration

This license does not include the commercial usage of Highsoft software by the above-mentioned entities.

Can I use the Non-commercial License for a government website?

Governmental or inter-governmental organizations are not covered by the Non-commercial License. Contact us for assistance in identifying your license needs.

What is included in the Non-commercial license?

With the Non-commercial license, you will be entitled to use any of our software products (Highcharts, Highstock or Highmaps) for an unlimited number of web applications, websites and SaaS applications. The license allows for up to 5 Developers to work on our software.

Is the Software the same with a Non-Commercial License as with a Commercial License?

Yes. The software is identical. However, the granted rights are different for a non-commercial and commercial license. With a commercial license, you can use our software in a commercial company or for commercial activity. With a non-commercial license, our software can not be used for commercial activity and you must retain the Highcharts watermark.

If I am using the Software on a commercial company´s intranet, does it require a license?

Yes. The Developer License allows you to install and use the software on a commercial company's intranet.

Non-Commercial Redistribution

You are allowed to distribute a Highsoft software product with non-commercial packages given that you fulfill two conditions:

- Emphasize to your users that Highsoft software products are not free for commercial and Governmental use. You can do this on your download page or when your users activate a Highsoft Software Product in your application.
- Provide a link back to www.highcharts.com in the same location.

May I use your Software under the Non-Commercial License for Open Source Projects?

Although Highsoft's Software have open source codes, our software is not licensed as an open source software and is unfortunately not compatible with any open source software license like Apache 2 or any GPL. See also Non-Commercial Redistribution

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Highcharts .NET FAQ

Can I purchase only the Highcharts .NET License?

No. The Highcharts .NET is a wrapper built around the Highcharts code. This means that a Highcharts or Highstock Developer License is needed to use Highcharts .NET. You can find the appropriate license here or contact our sales team for assistance.

How many licenses does my team need for Highcharts .NET?

Licensee needs a license for each person working with the API, source code, and/or making use of our JavaScript libraries in any capacity. This also includes designers and others who make use of our software in the planning, development, production and maintenance phases.

I currently have a Highstock JS license, can I purchase the Highcharts .NET license?

A Highcharts .NET License functions for both Highcharts and Highstock.

I currently have a License for Highcharts 4.0 , will Highcharts .NET function for this version?

Highcharts .NET follows the current major version of Highcharts or Highstock. If you do not have a license to use the most recent version, you need to upgrade Highcharts or Highstock your license.

What happens when my 30 day trial has expired?

The trial is a fully functional and feature complete version of Highcharts for ASP.NET MVC that expires after 30 days of usage. The licensed version of Highcharts for ASP.NET MVC is identical in every way to the trial with the exception that it never expires. The only thing that is needed to replace the Trial with Licensed version is to add serial key to Web.config file into appSettings section with key = "Highcharts". Example:

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