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Business name/legal name: Highsoft AS
Foretaksregisteret (VAT No.): NO 996 840 506 MVA
D-U-N-S No.: 67-134-3420
D&B Credit Rating Norway- A
Address: Sentrumsgata 44
Vik i Sogn
Telephone: +47 46913940
Email [email protected]

Short Description of the Business:

Highsoft AS delivers licensed software and is the company behind Highstock JS, Highcharts JS, Highmaps JS, and Highslide JS.

Highcharts has rapidly become one of the industry leaders in standards compatible JavaScript based charting. The company is a limited company succeeding the former Highslide Software, founder Torstein Hønsi's sole proprietorship.

The business have been profitable since the start in 2006. Since Highcharts was released late 2009, growth really escalated. By 2013 Highsoft has grown from one developer to 10 employees, of which 6 are developers and 4 are in Sales and administration. Our offices are located in Vik i Sogn, Norway.

For more information about our company, please visit about us on

Product Information and Pricing

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The dispatch of orders:

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After completing the purchase you will receive an email with License Statement, license terms and conditions and invoice attached. Once payment is completed you possess legal rights to use the code, available for download from The scope of your license are listed in the License Statement and the License Agreement.


There is no physical distribution of the Highsoft Software. The software itself is available for download from


From the date of payment, you are entitled to use the Highsoft Software. We offer the following payment methods:

PayPal or credit card. Payments with PO or wire transfers is processed through our Sales Department, please contact [email protected].

We offer payment in USD, EUR, GBP and NOK. Norwegian customers are subject to 25 % VAT.

Personal data

Highsoft will store personal data only in accordance with the contractual obligations we have to you as a customer. Your personal data will not be made available to other businesses. When purchasing from Highsoft’s website, we store the following personal data about the customer contact person; email address, full name and company name, billing address and IP address. This information is required in order to complete the order and issue the license documents. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Procedures for cancellation

In case of cancellation please send an email to [email protected] marked “CANCELLATION”.

Additional information:

Customer name, address and order number, type of license, purchase date and payment method. You can cancel your order for 30 days after purchase.


Please contact us at [email protected].

See also section 8 Warranties of your License Agreement. You will find this attached to the Proof of License email received after completing the purchase.


Highsoft's warranties and representations are limited to Software provided to Licensee under this Agreement, and warranties and representations shall under no circumstances be deemed to cover the Map Collection, which is made available to Licensee by Highsoft.

Highsoft warrants and represents that: For a period of ninety (90) days following Delivery Date of Software, Software will perform substantially in accordance with Highsoft’s written specifications, provided that it has been used in accordance with all documentation and specifications made available on Highsoft's Website,
Highsoft will perform its obligations under this Agreement in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations,
Highsoft has the full and unconditional ownership of Software,
This Agreement does not infringe intellectual property rights of any Third Party,
The Software does not include any Third Party software,
Licensee may make full use of License granted to it in full knowledge of the above,
Highsoft has the requisite knowledge, personnel, resources and know-how to fully perform and deliver Software and associated services as contemplated by this Agreement in a professional manner,
Highsoft has not intentionally placed, and will use its best efforts to avoid the placement of any Harmful Codes into Software provided under this Agreement. "Harmful Codes" is defined as any program that infects, damages and/or impairs another program or data, disables hardware or software, or permits or assists in the breach of data.

In the event of breach, or alleged breach of any of the warranties, Licensee shall promptly notify Highsoft and delete Software. Licensee’s sole remedy in such an event shall be that Highsoft shall re-supply or correct the Software so that it operates according to the warranties. The warranties shall not apply if Licensee has modified, or used Software improperly, or on an operating environment not approved by Highsoft. Improper use and unapproved operating environments will be as set forth in the documentation provided to Licensee on or prior to Delivery Date.

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