Our Channel Partners

Company Location E-mail Homepage
Compuwave GmbH DACH, France [email protected] www.compuwave.de
OSB Software Brazil [email protected] www.osbsoftware.com.br
Prianto GmbH Germany [email protected] www.prianto.com
Syssoft LLC CIS [email protected] www.syssoft.ru
TanGunsoft Co.,Ltd Korea, Republic of [email protected] www.tangunsoft.com
Tegara Corporation Japan [email protected] www.tegara.com

The following companies are local resellers authorized to sell and market Highcharts products in China

Company Location E-mail Homepage
SoftwareONE Trading Co., Ltd. China [email protected] www.softwareone.com
Linksoft Inc. Taiwan [email protected] www.linksoft.com.tw
AccessSoft Inc. Taiwan [email protected] www.accesssoft.com.tw
Beijing Com&Lan Tech Corp., Ltd. China [email protected] www.comlan.com
XLSoft China [email protected] www.xlsoft.com.cn