Channel Partner FAQ


1. How can I help my customer choose the correct license type?

What license your customer needs depends on how they intend to make use of our software.

  • Through a Developer License, the License Owner is granted a right to make use and further develop Highcharts:
    • on any computer, platform, system and/or environment controlled or owned by the License Owner, and:
    • on any number of websites, domains or intranet sites; and
    • either in 1 SaaS/web application owned or controlled by the License Owner.
  • Through an OEM License, the License Owner is granted a right to further develop Highcharts as an integral part of a software product which will be distributed through an installation of such product on a server owned or operated by a third party (i.e. License Owner's customers).
If your customer already holds a license with us, they might be in need of an Advantage renewal. Get in touch with the Channel Partner team for renewal pricing.

2. Is the license perpetual?

Yes, both the Developer License and OEM License grant the License Owner a perpetual use of the Highcharts version current at the time of the Advantage expiration, and the license fee is a one-time payment. Every new license comes with a complementary year of Advantage (maintenance and support). Having an active Advantage plan is optional and can be renewed yearly or purchased upfront.

3. Can existing licenses be upgraded/downgraded?

Existing licenses can be upgraded to cover more developers, additional product packages etc. Please get in touch with the Channel Partner team for pricing. Also include the details you have on the current licensing agreement, and what the customer wishes to add. Note that transfer to our current EULA is mandatory for license upgrades and Advantage renewals.

As our licenses are perpetual, downgrading a license, i.e. from 5 to 4 developer seats, as part of an Advantage renewal is not possible. Renewals of standard Developer Licenses are priced at 40% of the license fee and applies to the license scope as a whole, not only parts of it. If the customer is no longer in need of the license scope they acquired, they must enter into a new agreement with us.

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Highcharts Advantage

The Advantage product includes access to extended support and all new releases of Highcharts. An Advantage agreement can be entered into for customers with a valid Developer License or OEM License. Note that the existing license and the connected Advantage plan will be governed by our at any given time current Standard License Agreement when the Advantage plan is renewed. See more information about Advantage under Section 3.4 Advantage - Initial Period, Renewal and Extension.

1. What are the features of Advantage?

Advantage grants the License Owner access to all new software releases (minor and major) and our extended support offering for the duration of the chosen Advantage term.

Advantage support services Inactive Advantage Active Advantage
Support hours per developer 1 hr. 10 hrs.
All new releases ×
Access to 1st line support ×
Guaranteed initial respons time,
working days 10-18 CET (CEST)
36 hrs. 24 hrs.
Access to 2nd line support by core developers ×
Chat support ×
Emergency hotfixes ×
Guiding and advice on implementing Highcharts
(with third party systems and platforms)

2. Is Advantage included in the license?

Yes, all new licenses come with a complementary year of Advantage. Additional years can be added to the license and purchased upfront with a 20% discount.

3. Is Advantage mandatory or automatically renewed?

No. Having an active Advantage plan is optional, and the License Owner can choose to jump on and off such plan. An expiration of Advantage will not interrupt the usage or access to Highcharts. We currently don't offer subscription and the Advantage plan will therefore not renew automatically.

4. What is the cost of Advantage?

The Advantage price depends on what License your customer holds.

  • Standard Developer License up to 20 seats: A 1-year Advantage fee is priced at 40% of the license value.
  • OEM License or other custom licenses: Advantage fee depends on the content of the license.
Discounts are offered for longer renewal term (up to 5 years).

Get in touch with our Channel Partner team for an official renewal quote. Please include the details you have on the existing license agreement when contacting us.


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Pricing and Payment

1. Is a price list available?

List pricing and discounted partner pricing for all standard Developer Licenses are available here. This price list also includes Advantage pricing.
The OEM License is always customized to fit each company's use case and pricing will therefore vary. Please get in touch with our Channel Partner team for pricing, and include answers to the following questions in your email:

  • License Owner:
  • Licensee location, industry and website:
  • Highsoft product(s) client is interested in (Highcharts, Stock, Maps and/or Gantt):
  • Number of developers who will be directly working with our software:
  • Number of customer installations anticipated over the lifetime of the product(s): (e.g. 10, 100, 1000 etc.)
Also, please confirm/answer the below points.
  • Name and number of product(s) and/or product suite(s) (Licensee Product).
  • Short description of the Licensee Product(s).
  • How will the users of this product interact with our charts?
  • Will this product be installed on customer premise(s)? (yes/no)

2. What are my payment options?

We offer you payments with credit card through Nets Accept or PayPal. Unauthorized resellers are encouraged to purchase through our trusted Distributors.

3. Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?

Yes. Upon completion of purchase, an invoice is automatically issued to the email address used when purchasing. Amount is USD 0.00 when the order is completed with credit card/PayPal.

4. Can I pay for the license in my local currency?

You can choose between USD, EUR, GBP and NOK.

5. Does the license fee include tax?

No, all prices in our webshop are excluding tax. Please note that we do not charge tax to customers outside Norway, and are not to be subjected to any taxes in your country. Your company is responsible for paying local taxes in your home country related to any order.

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1. What are the delivery methods?

There is no physical delivery of the software. The software is available for download from our website.

2. Are there a demo or trial of the software?

Try before you buy at no cost!

The software itself is available for download from For testing and demonstration purposes, usage of the software is free of charge. There is no license key associated with the software and no activation is needed to get started. A commercial license is needed once the customer goes live with its product(s). Please direct your customer to this page for download.

3. How will my customer get access to the software?

Highsoft does not have any direct communication with our Channel Partner's customers. After a license purchase, you must forward the License Agreement pdf and License Statement pdf to the License Owner. The License Statement functions as a proof of license and is always assigned to the legal party owning the license. This pdf includes a unique License ID which will allow us to easily identify the license purchase.
Please direct the customer to to get started with the software.

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See all definitions under Section 1 in our Standard License Agreement.

  • Developer shall mean any person who will be simultaneously working with the API and/or source code of the Licensed Software, and/or making use of the Software in any capacity, including but not limited to developers, designers and testers. The number of Developers authorized to work with the Licensed Software is defined in the License Statement.
  • SaaS Application shall mean a software product, solution or application which fully or partly includes Licensed Software and which is made available by Licensee to Third Party from a server outside such Third Party’s premises and under the terms of a subscription or similar financial model, provided that such software product, solution or application has been approved by Highsoft as a SaaS Application by express identification as such in the License Statement.
  • Customer Installation shall mean any distribution of Licensed Software as integral part of a Licensee Product through installation of such product on a server owned or operated by a Licensee customer pursuant to an OEM license granted according to section 3.3.
  • Licensee Product shall mean any software product, application or solution, marketed by Licensee, in which Licensed Software may be incorporated pursuant to an OEM License and which has been approved by Highsoft as a Licensee Product by express identification as such in the License Statement.

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